Air Jordan 6 VI White Grey Red Blue Clear Sole 2016


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Why You Should Buy The Shoe

The first Air Jordan 6 shoes were first released in 1991. They were basically a continuation of the Jordan V. They were the second Jordans to feature the clear sole. The design was made to make the sole less slippery. It was also the first model to have a molded structure at the back.

Benefits Of Buying The Shoe

  • Solid Rubber Sole

After receiving complains of the previous model being too slippery, this shoe design was made with more solid rubber. The solid rubber makes it comfortable, the shoes can be worn for long hours without strain when playing or walking. The solid rubber is well suited for all seasons. It offers good traction even n snow or wet ground.

  • Good Looks

The shoes do not compromise on looks. They are comfortable and breathable but they are also very good-looking and stylish. The leather upper is both functional and decorative and the color ways are easy to match with different clothing. The finger holes are well placed too.

Shoe Color: White, dark red, blue

How To Wear The Air Jordan 6 VI White Dark Red Blue Clear Sole

Air Jordan 6 VI White Dark Red Blue Clear Sole shoes were made to stand out. They are supposed to be the statement piece of the outfit. When wearing them, we suggest that you dress from the bottom up. Pick the rest of your outfit to match the shoes. Do not wear them with socks. If you do, make sure the socks are not long and that they do not have big patterns or bold colors. You can wear them with jeans, cargo pants, shorts, casual dresses or skirts. It is okay to wear bold colors and patterns but you should be careful not to draw attention from the shoes. Do not wear too many accessories and do not wear clothes of the same color as your shoes.

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Men Size

8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 12