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1. Why you should buy the shoe…

The shoe is literally calling out your name: If you listen closely enough, you can hear it whispering in the background; can you hear it? Well, whether or not you believe in the superstitious, these shoes can actually come to life and call out to you when you wear them, but perhaps not literally. But you get the idea; they will make you popular, better at your basketball game, and even more confident in your everyday walk, so why not try out a pair right now if you can? All it takes is a quick click here and you can have them shipped to your home at a reasonable discount. Give it a shot and don’t miss out!

2. The benefits of buying the shoe…

You get rubber insoles and outsoles with soft, firm traction and cushioning to support your every movement when on that court — even when off of it as well. There’s no telling what you can’t do with these shoes on. Perhaps you can’t fly.

3. Describing the shoe’s color and style just a bit…

The shoe is of a bright red color, difficult to miss, accompanied by some black in certain places of the shoe. It is vibrant and beautiful, difficult to permanently stain as well. Wash these in any washer, and dry them in the dryer; they won’t lose their tint or coloring but will continue to look as good as ever before. They resemble a very young, loose style and are made for young men of the same lifestyle. In this sense, it would be true to say that you are what you wear.

4. How you can wear the shoe…

Speaking of wearing this shoe, try to put it on with a shirt and pants or shorts of lighter colors so that the shoes stand out more and draw the most attention. Indulge!

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