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The Air Jordan 5 V Metallic Gold White Black-Metallic Gold Coin shoe is also known as the “Gold Medal.” These kicks were first released by Nike especially for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Office Air Jordan Gold Coin Release Date

This shoe first came out on August 20, 2016 and is still making a mark on the world two years later. It brings two different worlds of styles together from the past and the present.

Notable Gold Coin Shoe Features

It is likely to become a timeless pair of kicks because it combines the classic Jordan black and white indicative of select 1980s shoe models. At the same time, it resembles iconic style with just enough gold trim to impress millennials but will not look too flashy when combined with a variety of types of attire.

How to Wear the Air Jordan Gold Coin Shoe

Experts recommend to not wear most Jordan kicks with anything but casual clothes. They say in particular to combine them with skinny jeans and solid-colored shirts. Otherwise, you could wear stretch sports pants and a long jersey or Olympic T-shirt with them perhaps.

The Jordan might be one, however, for which you can make a semi-formal exception. This is because of the gold-coined colored trim that could invite the need for a metallic gold shirt to match. However, you are advised to perhaps still wear pants that you can tuck into them because they are high tops.

Furthermore, they do have a long tongue also in metallic gold you don’t want people to miss – even if you have bought them on our site for 70% off the regular retail price. It’s still your investment after all regardless of how little money you paid for them. Therefore, you will want to show them off to the public as much as possible.

Who Would Wear This Shoe the Most

Although it’s a sports shoe, we could recommend them to musicians who wear this type of attire. After all, kicks like anything else are an expression of individuality. Performers in particular want to send a message through their songs and acts, but they can accentuate that by setting the right stage presence. A part of Air Jordan 5 V Black-Metallic Gold Coin Shoes could do the trick.

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