Air Jordan 5 PRM “Take Flight”


Brand: NIKE

Model: Air Jordan 5 PRM “Take Flight”

Release Date: February 11, 2017

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Key Features: The green color and overall design of these sneakers are based on the styles of military bomber jackets and fighter planes. There is a combination of material, which includes leather and nubuck. The Air Jordan 5 PRM “Take Flight” design is Michael Jordan’s signature shoe that carries a mellow design. Still, comfort stands at the center of all things with the soles of these shoes providing maximum support.

What better way to honor the armed forces than with a pair of shoes that captures the essence of the industry’s style? The Air Jordan 5 PRM “Take Flight” seeks to remind onlookers of the life of military personnel with a design that is nothing short of versatile. You can wear these shoes while improving your game on the court. It is also possible to enhance your semi-formal taste with these kicks.

It is important to care for Air Jordans and understand just how to wear these shoes. The Air Jordan 5 PRM “Take Flight” sneakers are meant to stand out, which is why you should wear them without socks and outside of your jeans. It is okay to let the tongue of these shoes serve as the primary attraction of your gear. Some Jordan owners prefer neutral color schemes to portray a subtle look that inevitably draws the onlooker into their shoes. This method of style is quite effective as a conglomeration of basic colors lets the analyst take in all aspects of your attire instead of just focusing on one thing.

Whichever way you choose to show off your Air Jordan 5 PRM “Take Flight” shoes, it is vital that you wear sneakers that fit. Do not buy oversized shoes to make a statement. Air Jordans are everything you need to thrive in the fashion world.

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