Air Jordan 14 “Candy Cane”


Air Jordan 14 “Candy Cane”
Release Date: September 2018



The Air Jordan 14 “Candy Cane”  colorways of white, varsity red, and black color schemes became an instant classic even though Michael Jordan never played a single game with these shoes.

Why You Should Buy The Shoes

These shoes are very popular even though Michael Jordan never got to play in them. It was the first Jordan design to feature laces with silver tips. Every pair of Air Jordan 14 “Candy Cane” has a total of 14 jump man logos. The shields on the shoes look exactly like the design of a Ferrari that Michael Jordan owned. The vents on the shoes are also very similar to the ones of the Ferrari.

The Benefits Of Buying The Shoes


The shoes have units on the heel and forefoot which make it very breathable. Heat and humidity is easily pushed out of the shoes leaving your feet dry, cool, comfortable and free of foul odor. They are, therefore, very god for playing and they can be worn in hot weather.


The Tumbled leather and well-finished leather upper with varsity red and black accents make the shoes such a sight. They are not just good in the court. Air Jordan 14 “Candy Cane” shoes are stylish and sleek and they can be paired with various outfits to give off a casual and relaxed but stylish look.

Shoe Color: White, varsity red, black

Tips On How To Wear The Air Jordan 14 “Candy Cane”

Since the shoes have a classy and sleek look, they need to be worn with clothes that are equally good quality. Wearing them with dated clothes would be a waste since the clothes may dull your look. Make the Air Jordan 14 “Candy Cane” your statement piece. If you are wearing them with pants, make sure the pants are ankle-length to show your shoes off. Do not wear socks. They may end up spoiling your look. If you wear socks, do not let them be seen. Wear bold colors or prints but do not let them outshine the shoes. If you are wearing them with casual dresses or skirts, keep them short and well-fitting.

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