Air Jordan 1 Black White


555088 010 | black, white-black | 2014

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The Air Jordan 1 Black White release is designed in black, white-black color scheme.

Why Should You Buy The Shoe?

The first Air Jordan 1 shoes were introduced to basketball in 1984. It was designed by Nike in partnership with Peter C. Moore. The black color was banned by the NBA because it violated the uniform policy.

Benefits Of Buying The Shoe


The shoe has comfortable solid rubber outer soles. They are comfortable and can be worn indoors, outdoors, in the court and they stay comfortable even in hot weather. They offer satisfactory traction and they are safe even on slippery ground. They do not squeak when you walk and they are able to absorb impact well making it possible to walk comfortably for long distances.


The shoes have a leather and synthetic upper. It is abrasion-resistant, sturdy, durable, breathable, tear-proof and heat insulated. It easily conforms to your foot shape and stretches more. It is, therefore, a good investment especially for players and people who walk long distances.

Color: Black, white black

Style No: 55474-049

Tips On How To Wear The Air Jordan 1 Black White

Use your outfit to create a casual, relaxed look and use your Air Jordan 1 to give it even more style. When wearing jeans, make sure they are fitted. If your jeans are too long, we suggest that you tuck them into your shoes so that the shoes can be seen. Make sure the top compliments the Air Jordan 1 in style and in color. You could wear it with a leather jacket, a shirt, a tank top or a jean-jacket. Just make sure it is stylish and the right color. If you are trying to create a softer, more relaxed look, you can wear the shoes with cargo pants, fitted sweatpants or stylish shorts. Women can wear them with short dresses or skirts. Make your Jordans the centerpiece of your entire outfit. Everything else you wear should be specifically chosen to compliment the shoes.

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