Air Jordan 3 “Chlorophyll” Release Date

Air Jordan 3 Chlorophyll

An athletic shoe scheduled to hit the stores on October 13th of this year, the Air Jordan 3 “Chlorophyll” certainly appear true to their name. As far as appearances go, these sneakers maintain the same Air Jordan Aesthetic only with a slight twist. Taking a page out of the various grassroots movements, the new Air Jordans seem to be an homage to those who want to ‘go green’.

More about the Chlorophyll Connection

Indeed, complete with a “plant-based” aesthetic, the Air Jordan 3 Chlorophyll’s are simultaneously understated and eye-catching. The majority of the shoe is made up of neutral tones (light gray, dark gray, black, and white), however, the green adds a pop of color. In particular, there are light (chlorophyll) green accents peppered onto the logo located on the heel, tongue, as well as the eyelets.

Although the Jordan brand undoubtedly comes out with a wide variety of sneakers, this one has been creating quite a buzz thus far. Perhaps it is just the high-quality of this tried and trusted brand. However, it seems much more likely that many people are a fan of this classically chic color scheme, either way, there are quite a few sneaker-heads who just can’t wait until this sneaker officially hits the market.

Where to Shop

Retailing for $190 a pair, the price of these is comparable to other similar pairs of Air Jordans that have been released recently. The shoes will be available at a variety of select Air Jordan retailers as well as online on

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